Press release

FR Design and e-Business website transformation

Press Release 30/11/2017 website, dedicated to Design and e-Business transforms to lead the second critical move planned by the company.

Irene, you wrote in a recent post "Within the next two years, our website dedicated to Design and e-Business will take a youthful boost!" You will find my question naive, why a redeployment now? Asked Law H., A long-time client and friend.

"Well, we planned to expand our business and further develop our websites by the end of 2017; this is happening now; the transformation will span over a year or two. It will progressively reflect our vision in each area of our website and, soon after in the new web properties that we will launch," replies Irene Silberstein, Director of iSkiv Ltd.

He insisted, however: "But why make changes to your website?" "I will explain more in details:" says Irene.

"We aim to make our website more usable for our visitors and easier to find," says Irene, who explains: "Will you find it strange that we conducted an audit of our own website? We would have audited a client's website. And for us as well, the audit brought clearer targets: Sharper wording, more focus, precise boundaries between the various topics discussed; enriching the home page, making it richer. Interestingly, years ago our home page addressed this goal!"

"We are adding an introduction, not only an index, to each area – area means area of interest. For the user to access without delay the sources, articles and tools we offer, they will now more easily reach the related pages."

Of course, a multiplicity of themes and angles of view makes it more difficult to catch our services. Therefore, cutting unnecessary words and adding missing pieces of content will make the benefits of our services easier to perceive."

As you know, our website was bilingual, English and French; the current transformation will bring back our bilingual approach.

She ends saying: "I was not happy with our present navigation. To improve friendliness, we are adding landmarks to the navigation, so each page now displays with its content."

"I find the navigation easy to use," says Law. "Yes," replies Irene, "but years ago our solution for navigation included both a full menu and a sub-menu on each page. The rising use of mobiles makes this solution inappropriate, therefore, when launching the website some months ago we decided for our present menu, which is practical with any screen. Now, we are adding landmarks."