Press release


Relaunch of our company website,

Press Release 20/01/2021 For the relaunch of our company website,, i.S.k.i.v. Ltd invites you to join for an essential Quest at the Heart of intangibles and values.

North wind blows on the planet

No matter,
Generous people don't loose courage.
They inform decision-making from facts and only facts,
and steadily hand the helm,
providing for direction and cohesion.
Most of all, fantastic talents are joining, making possible today what was not yesterday.

iSkiv. co .uk Topics

We made the decision to rejuvenate now our company website.

Among other topics, iSkiv .co .uk deals with ethical digital, vital for small businesses.

Our company website also deals with
privacy and security,
channels and networks,
and our core business, from information to the Internet.

Next to come

This update will anticipate other launches that will follow a couple of weeks later:
--Our all-in-one solution to start a business or any activity online and enter the market the right way, with Quest-i (questioning intangibles)
--iPromonet services to get a visible presence on the Internet, even in harsh conditions.

To whom these words resonate, I say in this new year “Hold on, keep and develop what’s useful and forget the meaningless”.

Join us in an essential quest at the heart of intangibles and values.

Bilingual again

We revive our tradition, with an English version and a French version of our iSkiv website

Share with you soon, in our next press release.