iSkiv Ltd rejuvejates company website

Press Release 13/04/2021 A new portal strategy originating from our own products for the launch of Our Web Visible service line.

Next to launch iWebNet and iPromoNet twin websites

The aim of our all-in-one strategy and platform is to facilitate the start of an online business.
Our original approach focuses on a visible online presence for any business, expertise or activity to stand out from the crowd, prosper and grow.

iWebNet is a creative solution to get practical, actionable information - less data, more meaning - and decide how to start and market your online presence. It offers people and small businesses who have an online project the possibility to make the right choice and take appropriate decisions in their own interest.

iPromoNet offers creative services to help regain visibility when the results are not as expected. Discover new ways and services to think, design, build up an online business, enter your market. Or simply strenghten your visibility.

i.S.k.i.v. Ltd new portal

iSkiv .net website will turns into a web portal opening on topical websites. These websites will offer articles on topics going from e-business and e-commerce to web security, as well as information more specific resources.

Bilingual again

We revive our tradition, with an English version and a French version of our iSkiv website