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Small business Tools for Privacy by iSkiv Ltd

For the publishing of Privacy Toolbox for small businesses, i.S.k.i.v. Ltd invites you to join for an essential Quest at the Heart of privacy and ethics.

North wind still blowing on the planet

No matter,
Generous people don't lose courage.
They inform decision-making from facts and only facts,
and steadily hand the helm,
providing for direction and cohesion.
Most of all, fantastic talents are joining, making possible today what was not yesterday.

Expert Tools for Privacy

We wish to assist small businesses with expert tools for privacy.

Among other topics,'s website deals with ethical digital, vital for online businesses.

Also with ethics, security,
Business intelligence,
Channels, networks, and marketing,


As the board explained in their announcement dated 07/09/2021,
they started to research zero-knowledge privacy tools.

Irene Silberstein, executive director of i.S.k.i.v. Ltd, explains why: "we wanted a user-friendly solution for our visitors and customers and investigated the idea of a single sign-on (SSO). It seemed tempting, but identity processes appeared heavy. Our all times privacy and confidentiality rules led us to consider the concepts at stake: privacy, confidentiality, identity, usage... It all started here

An essential quest at the heart of privacy and ethics.

The question was: As a business, what do we need from the user?

"Once clarified the concepts, explains Irene, the reply was "As a business, we don't need anything more than a verified email address and a timezone to communicate with the user to collaborate, quote for a project, render a service, or give access to the website's functions.

"No identity, no personal data are needed in our case.
Even the email address can be unsubscribed at any time."

Let's make it clear says Irene: We always applied strict privacy and confidentiality rules, as a member of professional organizations in the Information and marketing areas. Besides, we never used cookies and do not log chat."

"Strangely enough, we never before questioned the exact nature of the data we might share with a user or a client. If we had, we would have uncovered that we don't use nor keep personal data at all; also anonymity is not enough because privacy and security also lies in the presence or absence of files and log files"

How is that possible? You say

As a conclusion, Irene clarifies how the solutions appeared: "Asking the right questions, we came out with two dead-simple solutions and decided to develop the applications as open-source modules. Both solutions are presently Github project repositories, with a Creative Commons License: attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) We are not the first company to take this direction. For privacy, it opened a wealth of new paths.

Privacy tools for small businesses

In the wake of this reflection, i.S.k.i.v. Ltd just published a paper titled "Expert Privacy Tools for Small Businesses", highlighting
the meaning of privacy
the usefulness of Ethics in Digital
what a business shall consider
as well as the risks involved.

Share with you soon, for our next press release.