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Information and Quality an Essential Perspective

Our relationship to information and quality
Paradigm for a new service by iSkiv Ltd

Irene, you are the executive director of iSkiv Ltd. You present iSkiv Ltd saying that the business expertise is at the crossroad of information and internet.

You told me that you will soon launch a new service relating to our relation to information and quality. Can you explain how information and quality interact on each other?

Sure, I will explain

what is at stake?

Consider how we choose a provider.
We need the product or expertise of someone else, Be it a watch, the expertise of a plumber or an experienced lawyer.

In the past, it relied on the talent of the provider and the excellence of his work, and here we are:

Talent, quality and excellence

In current times, who remembers the quest for talent, quality and excellence?

A shift in our habits

Marketing and advertising mogols progressively replaced these simple habits by hypnotic messages showing the brillance and beauty of expensive brands' products, and brand's reputation. Progressively, it emptied the true meaning of quality and excellence and wiped the concept of talent.

Today we all must rediscover the simple principles guiding our relation to quality, talent and excellence. These principles rely on our own power:

Questioning, informing and making a decision.

Our relationship to information

Questioning makes a huge part of the information process.

Meaningful information (not data) makes the basis for the decision-making process.

Informing ourselves is the process of refining data to create an information landscape that makes sense.

For example, let's say you are looking for a good dentist.

  • You might gather verious data to begin your research, such as:
    The least expensive country to undertake the treatment you need.

  • How far is it? How easy is it to travel to?

  • A list of dentists in this country.

  • Perhaps their website's URLs.

Each data alone is not enough to make a choice, but all data gathered together will make a meaningful set. And this meaningful set will permit to make a decision and choose the right provider.

From this example you see what "Our relationship to information and quality" means in practice. Do you know that an incredible number of people and small businesses are striving to offer quality products and services based on their unique expertise?

In many areas of industry and agriculture, such people create cost-effective, zero-waste and environment-friendly packaging and products. In the world of services, they bring their unique expertise to preserve ethics, privacy for their clients. Sellers, cariers, consultants, developers endeavour to deliver maximal performance for their clients.

Instead of expensive advertising, these extra ordinary people and businesses use the recognition of their network of like-minded sellers and clients to reach new clients and increase their sales.

Paradigm of a new service

We see our relationship to information and quality as a paradigm for a new service by iSkiv Ltd, which will be offered in June 2022.

This exceptional crossroad, as well as the generosity of the providers' approach and the effectiveness of their solutions prompted me to produce thematic knowledge-based information sets. This information can contribute to the promotion of excellence by making these providers better known while sheding light on their sometimes rare expertise.