Closing traditional Social Medias accounts

Announcement of our decision to close our traditional Social Media accounts.

On January 20 2022, We posted:

We have entered one of the most obscurantist periods of Christianity. Let us remember...

The crusades of the year 1000 and the following centuries, whose nameless destruction aimed tirelessly at extinguishing the lights of the East and the South.

The Vatican Inquisition which, around 1615, judged Galileo's statements to be insane for having dared to claim that the earth revolved around the sun, which kept him under arrest at home for the rest of his life.

Later, it will be England, England of the Magna Carta, which had allowed those fleeing the sterile dogmatism of the papacy to find refuge that will drag the world into a Puritanism intended for tolerance, but leading to intransigent logics that confuse truth with accuracy and beyond confuse value with amount, creating the hegemonic aberration we call "money".

One would like to think that Voltaire's struggles were not in vain. And yet...

The history that is being written today is still that of a Christianity torn between tolerance and dogma, between freedom and dictatorship, between enlightenment and illiteracy, between absurdity and humanism. A history whose upheavals have always been led by the coalition of fools, experts in obscurantism.

As the said social media accounts are personal, this is Irene's statement: I neither think nor believe this or that. I base my decisions exclusively on facts. I owe this ability to my (long) history in the exclusive field of information. Analysing the mountain of "all data and no meaning" to reveal the useful information and bring out the meaning that allows decisions to be based on.

I wish you all to find the paths of your own reason, generosity and talent, but also those of rigour, because finally, if the smell is unbearable, you can stop subsidising the spray fields.

I made the decision several years ago to close my so-called social media accounts. I don't like the idea to use my dictators' tools; moreover these applications are not that suitable for professional use and do not fit our ethics.