About iSkiv Ltd


At the crossroad of information and Internet,
From a French consultancy to iSkiv Ltd, our expertise.

From France to England

We are a women-owned business. Our expertise lies at the crossroad of the Internet and information, with a sound ytack record of providing practical, creative and actionable solutions. i.S.k.i.v Ltd stands for "Information Strategies Key Intangible Value" Limited. Irene B.R. Hageman Silberstein and Rachel M.E. Hageman launched the company in January 2005 in the UK.

Our clients nurtured our expertise

From France to the UK, Multiple areas of work and the interdependent nature of our experience led to our particular expertise. Our expertise takes its roots at the intersection of arts, information, publishing, technical worlds and Internet services. It opens on content, information research and information architecture. Dealing with complexity is part of our know-how. We learned that brighter is the early analysis, more efficient are the results!

History of our logo

iSkiv Logo dates back to 1991, long before our company was set up in the UK. In that time it was the noticeable sign of Irene's information business in France (Irene Silberstein Khouvine Information Veille) and itsthen website, iskiv.com. When Irene Silberstein and Rachel Hageman launched iSkiv Limited in the UK, this logo was brought to the company together with other assets and so became Information Strategies Key Intangible Value's Logo in 2005.

About the team

Short bios

Irene Silberstein, presently senior consultant for i.S.k.i.v. Limited, worked in information research, managing "Irene Silberstein Khouvine Information" 1993-2004, as independent consultant in France. Formerly, she founded one of the first online bookseller services and developed tools for book and information retrieval. She also teached databases and research networks. She associates the experience of SMEs, industries of culture and organisations to the practice of information and complex systems and began her career taking responsibility for prospective and forecast in an industrial distribution company. In charge of the French Art dealers association 1974-1984, she authored studies on legal and economic aspects of art creation and distribution for the French Ministry of Culture, gaining experience in European lobbying while managing AIDOAO, the European art dealers association, along with an economic information centre.

Rachel Elsina Hageman, presently Director of i.S.k.i.v. Limited spent the first years of her professional life in the Netherlands; back to France, she was the Manager in charge of retail customers relations and related information searches at IGESSA SA and successfully developed the customer base. She joined "Irene Silberstein Khouvine Information" in 1998 and rapidly became a skilled information researcher. In 2002, she began designing for the web, back to her experience as Rudolph Steiner student. She participated to the RAISE project as European citizen, a research program on sustainable environment "The City of tomorrow". Today Reiki master, she is back to Rudolph Steiner art and color principles along with coaching, holistic strategies and corporate mindfulness.

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