2022 with i.S.k.i.v. Ltd FR

In these particular times, certain values must be stressed. Topics like privacy, ethics, inner circle, networks represent several facets of our inspiring assets.

These assets set us apart. This is why, alongside well-known actors, we are involved in the spiritual renewal of the Web. Click the tabs to discover how:

Protecting your data

From day one, privacy was a core value of our business. Our code of ethics began with the rules used by information researchers. Indeed, these rules protect our clients' and visitors' confidential data. We say "confidential" because business data can be confidential and also because we DON'T share personal data.

Apart from these privacy criteria, we endeavour to secure the data you share with us to collaborate.

Our recently updated series Small Business and Privacy :
Significance of privacy
Privacy risks, how to avoid the traps
A privacy toolbox for SMEs.

Ethical Digital

Talentuous publicists outlined it:
Digital advertising misuse just tails off into a dead end.
This is why we test creative approaches of monetization. We will communicate the results of our tests in due time.

i.S.k.i.v. Ongoing projects include : --Zero knowledge approach of privacy [No 220], --K Nets or small knowledge networks [No 110] --Ethical awareness paths to our digital life [No 320].

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Affinity inner circle

Two questions

Do you judge selecting your providers, partners, tools and sources of choice Important or Not important?

Do you think that such choices mirror your own behaviour Yes No?

At iSkiv Ltd, we consider that weaving an ethical digital cocoon of affinities as our inner circle reflects our vision.

Because we deem important to build our inner circle, we dedicate resources to select products, services and sources. Indeed our process includes an in-depth research. Moreover, the connected outcomes bring a huge benefit: knowledge.

Our Unique Nets

To get a visible Internet presence, individuals and businesses shall discover their key expertise and act accordingly. A unique expertise brings benefits to others and reveals attractive. If you are attractive, you get interest in return.

Networks and other channels convey your unique presence. As such they help create your unique nets.

Some networks are well known for their noxious role in the Internet world. Fantastic talents endeavour do bring original concepts of private and public networks; to offer numerous opportunities to interact and shed light on what you do.

Indeed, to entertain our connections, we have the power to create a truthful and more meaningful narrative.

This website

iSkiv.co.uk is the website of our Company, Information Strategies Key Intangible Value limited. (i.S.k.i.v. Ltd). This website is dedicated to our news and press room. iSkiv.co.uk website also hosts services that are not publicly accessible.

Our company

iSkiv Information Strategies Key Intangible Value Limited is a women owned business, founded by Irene Silberstein and Rachel Elsina Hageman in 2005.

Our areas of business reflect our areas of interest, our research and our networks.

Our business

Our business provides services in relation with the Internet and information worlds; its various facets are made of information, creativity and technology.

  • Business intelligence [BI], information research and analyses
  • Intangible Assets Discovery
  • eBusiness, eCommerce information and consulting
  • Visible Internet presence, creative promotion & marketing
  • Content focused services and products.

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